TENT Rotterdam 2012 : Geert Mul & Michel Banabila

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"Sound Spectrums" - TENT, Rotterdam 2012 :
Geert Mul (video) & Michel Banabila (soundscape).
www.geertmul.nl / www.banabila.com
Video live registration.
Audio remix : 'Spiritus Sanctus', free download at bandcamp :
In preparation for "Sound of Identity" ;
An audio-visual set by Mul (video) & Banabila (soundscape).

Voices sampled from radio, sampled from the archive of Mark Dingemanse, and sampled from (creative commons license) the Archive Of UCLA Phonetics Lab.

Cut up voices, tuned, with some electronic treatments.
I chose most of the voices based on their sound, emotion, timbre, regardless of any literal meaning of the words.
New (non existing) words and phrases were formed with the rearranging of tiny samples.



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