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Efterklang featuring Efterkids - Full Moon

For more information visit http://www.efterkids.com, where you can get involved in the global project and donate to keep music education alive in public schools.

Earlier this year, Efterklang "performed" two songs with the talented students of New York's Special Music School (SMS). We say "performed" because the kids played live in front of a 20 foot high projection of the band. The band edited the footage from the two performances into the performances which you see above - creating the unique Efterkids concert experience.

Grover Washington Jr. - Knucklehead - 1976 [Jazz-Funk]

Feels So Good (Grover Washington, Jr. album)
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Feels So Good is the fifth album by jazz saxophonist Grover Washington, Jr.. recorded and released in 1975. The album topped both the soul and jazz albums charts and peaked at number ten on the pop album charts in the U.S.

Track listingThe Sea Lion - (Bob James) - 5:57Moonstreams - (Grover Washington, Jr.) - 5:55Knucklehead - (Washington) - 7:53It Feels So Good - (Ralph MacDonaldWilliam Salter) - 8:14Hydra - (Washington) - 9:08[edit]PersonnelGrover Washington, Jr. - soprano & tenor saxophoneBob James - piano, electric piano, synthesizer, arrangerGary King, Louis Johnson - bassKenneth "Spider Webb" Rice, Steve Gadd - drumsEric Gale - GuitarRalph MacDonald - percussionSid Weinberg - oboe, English hornJohn Frosk, Jon Faddis, Randy Brecker, Bob Millikan - trumpet, FlugelhornAlan Ralph, Dave Taylor - Bass TromboneBarry Rogers - TromboneCharles McCracken, Seymour Barab - CelloAlfred Brown, Manny …

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