Public Enemy - Get Up Stand Up Featuring Brother Ali [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

[Verse 1: Chuck D]
This song don't give a damn
If the rhymes don't fit
If the DJ quit
This song don't give a damn
If you can't sing or dance to it
Can't romance to it

This song ain't arrogant
If you don't try it, buy it
If your radio denies it
Don't care 'bout what who got
What's cool on TV, or what spots hot I forgot
I ain't mad at evolution
But I stand for revolution
Enough is enough
Somebody stand up

Get up, stand up
Get up, stand up

[Verse 2: Brother Ali]
This track ain't asking you a damn thing
Not the brand name bottle with your champagne
Not where you land your private airplane
How many blood diamonds shining in that chain?
How much compromise is tied to that fame?
How many more times we gotta hear that lame
Line I'm inspiring them
To do what? Roll better weed and get higher than them?

Feed the needy greedy ass fire in them?
Be the same damn dog but to finer women?
They gonna tell me that I'm preaching to the choir than I'm
Sure they right but I'm trying to light a fire in them
Cause I was raised by The Enemy
And ever since then that's been my identity

So I'm trying to give back what was given me
Truth told delivery is my tendency
Youth fold to the spirit of my energy
Bottom of my feet is something that you'll never see
That's cause I'm standing singing the anthem
Fist on my hand, and a list of demands and
When they hear this might piss in their pants and
Try to get the children to not listen to the man
But the mighty PE is what birthed Ali
So what you gonna think come after me?

Chuck D


[Verse 3: Chuck D]
Occupy if you denied
Protest songs cause I see wrong
Most of my heroes still don't appear on no stamp
So I rant even when they say I can't
I rise against, rage against
Hope I don't end up being the same thing I'm fighting against
Hence, I wince never on the fence
Since they think the masses powerless
I ain't on nobody's power list
I ball my fist with my audience
I raise my fist with my audience like this
Like this


[Verse 4: Chuck D]
Got so much to shout about
What the 1% is gettin' out
Recession Depression desperation due
Never have so many been screwed by so few

Cheapest price is to pay attention
No need to dumb down to what I mention
No need to young down how I mention
In Spanish, Portugese, English, French and
No satisfaction
Listen to the world's reaction


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