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Image Via: : Stephey Baker of Marked by the Muse.

Alexey Kushnarenko
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The Law of Attraction Networks .com

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Sanelisile Sibanda Hahaha. That makes me laugh babe. Its like you forget babe, that you've got the Lucky Charm. You charmed my heart long before I knew what I was doing. Now my heart is tied to yours with codes that cannot be broken. Yep, I'm tied to your heart of stone....Еще

Rare Northern Soul - The Lucky Charms - Tied
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Stephey Baker Hello! My name is stephey baker and I am the artist that created this butterfly image. So thrilled that it's being shared and speaks to everyone! Some of you have reached out and shared why its inspired you and your own journey to find your wings -clip...Еще

Awake Butterfly Original Art Print|Автор: Inspirational Artwork Marked by the Muse A Fine Art Boutique
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Sophie Kaute Very true. xx
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Nikki Marie Sophie Kaute
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Latha Devarajan Dear archana wishing you a very happy birthday and great year ahead thanks for upload
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